【DesignHubs】發光盒子 • LightCube

剛贏了香港貿發局香港國際春季燈飾展比賽的LightCube 在短短十天已籌得美金13,000,可以由概念變成產品!
LightCube by allocacoc designer, Nana New, is successfully funded within 10days and it is introducing a new kind of lighting to the world!

LightCube的出現會大大改變用家對燈膽及光管的要求! 靈活度極高,LightCube不但可以單獨使用,還可以配上不同燈罩, 令簡簡單單的“發光盒子”變成美輪美奐的燈飾藝術品。
LightCube is flexible and easy to use! With a matching LightShade and LightFix Stand, it can be used as wall lamp, desk lamp, ceiling lamp and even floor lamp!

LightCube -> Kickstarter
allocacoc -> Website




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