[Designhubs] 鍍鋅傢俬 • Galvanii

好的設計永不過時,但是好的質料可以百世流芳。 泰國新晉傢俬品牌Galvanii將平時用來製作外牆水管的鍍鋅鋼鐵打造成新穎傢俬,設計獨特。
Good design will never go out of style, but good material will last a lifetime! Galvanii, the upcoming Thai furniture brand, transfers hardwearing galvanised steel into unique furniture pieces.
鋅經熱浸鍍膜處理後, 可承受重物、熱力,不但耐用,而且用上100%環保物料,增加産品的可持續性。
At Galvanii, a natural substance, zinc, is used in the hot-dip galvanisation process, which resulting in galvanised steel furniture. By using 100% recyclable, durable and long lasting material, Galavnii creates the path towards the sustainable development goal.
Shop @ Galvanii  -> website (HK Rep)

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