【InteriorHubs】高地段、高質素豪宅 • OneManhattanSquare

當你以為紐約是全球擁有最高呎價最貴豪宅的集中地, 其實只要港幣不到1000萬你已經可以在全球數一數二最高級地段擁有奢華設計的單位。
Ownership at One Manhattan Square starts at US$1.17 million, and promises you the most dramatic view, with gracious layouts and finest finishes.

這個現代化的玻璃住宅大樓,One Manhattan Square(曼哈頓廣場一號),擁有超過一英畝的室外花園。環繞整棟建築的將是精心修剪的花園,可通過一條漆樹成排的蜿蜒小徑到達,為居民提供無數方式來探索私家樺樹花園、社交庭院和休閒區域。
This modern glass residential tower will have over an acre of exterior garden space, with a range of meaningful garden retreats for residents to relax, work, socialize and play at this vertical village boasting more landscaped areas than any other development in New York.

One Manhattan Square擁有超過100000平方英尺的室內外娛樂設施,寧靜花園周圍的水療中心,配備私人理療室和浴室,以及一個多級別健身中心、電影院和表演中心、全尺寸籃球場和一個雙球道保齡球場等等。
One Manhattan Square will have over 100,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities, include a spa concentrated around a sunken tranquility garden with private treatment rooms and hamam, as well as a multi-level fitness center, theater and performance spaces, full basketball court and a two-lane bowling alley, to name a few.


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