【EventHubs】山 水 ‧ Mountains Waters

繼2016年受邀參加威尼斯建築雙年展官方平行展Time Space Existence後,台灣設計師朱誌康於2017年再度與The GAA Foundation合作,在Palazzo Mora展出「山 ‧ 水」系列作品。此次展覽主題為”PERSONAL STRUCTURES – open borders”,與雙年展總策展人Christine Macel希望透過藝術重建當下社會逐漸沒落的人文精神相呼應。
After being invited to the Parallel Show TIME SPACE EXISTENCE of La Biennale di Venezia in 2016, Taiwanese designer Chu Chih-Kang cooperates with The GAA Foundation again in 2017 to show the sequel of his works Mountains. The theme of the exhibition is “PERSONAL STRUCTURES–open borders”, which echoes with the hope of Christine Macel, the curator of Venice Biennale, that is to re-build the declining humanistic spirit in current society through art.

朱誌康再度以「山 ‧ 水」作為主題闡述個人理念:『我想談的是生命。萬物,也就是自然,人類只是自然界中的微小份子。萬物皆有生命,自然和生命的源頭,就是地球。而我們中國人說到自然,就會以山和水作代表。人類所觸及到的世界,終究還是只有在地球的表面,地球表面的生命,經過億萬年,成長、衰老、毀滅、新生,不斷的輪迴,如風、如水,不斷的循環。這樣的輪迴與循環,對地球來說,就像是在呼吸一般,萬物生命,就是存在這樣的呼吸過程裡。 』
Chu Chih-Kang takes Mountains‧Waters as the theme to illustrate his personal concept: ”I want to talk about life. All things belong to nature, among which human being is just a tiny element. All things are with life, the source of nature and life is Earth. Speaking of nature, we Chinese will take mountain and water as representatives. The world within human being’s reach, after all, is only the surface of Earth, where the lives go through an endless cycle of growth, aging, destruction and rebirth, in a constant circulation like wind and water. For Earth, the reincarnation and circulation is like breath, and all things exist in such process of breathing.”

The bronze statues of mountains are set on a round marble plate, they change and grow up gradually by the wind and water in Venice, or like a land where green grass and blossoms grow, wither or die away. These changes are the same as the growth and reincarnation of all things on Earth, we only see the epitome of changes in past hundreds of millions of years.

此次作品「山‧ 水」貳,實為朱誌康正在進行的設計案的縮影,位於台北市信義區的陶朱隱園建案的大堂空間,將會是朱誌康將其理念實行的最大創作–具有生命的藝術品,在這永恆的住宅空間,持續的成長轉變。
The work Mountains‧Waters II, in fact, is the epitome of Chu’s on-going design project, a lobby space of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan residential building in Xinyi District, Taipei. It will be the largest work that implements Chu’s concept — an artwork with life, grows and changes continually in this eternal residential space.

Exhibition Info
Venue: Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Giardini Marinaressa
Date: 13 May – 26 November 2017
More information -> Website 

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