【DesignHubs】感應遙控器 • PowerCube Sensor Series

小時候有一種聲控玩具狗仔,每當你對它拍手,它就會汪汪的叫,樣子十分討好。可惜當時這些內置感應器並不普及,所以價格不菲。現在,聲控、移動感應器並非新技術、新事物;有見及此,設計公司allocacoc正開發聲控、移動感應遙控器, 並在kickstarter進行集資。
Back in the old days, motion sensor nor sound sensor wasn’t commonly used in many places. Yet, time has changed and the sensor technology has gone into the next stage – sensor remote. After many  trials and errors, design company, allocacoc came up with two unique devices: the Remote Sensor and the Sound Sensor. They are now recruiting backers on Kickstarter!


只要一個遙控就可以連接不同裝置。 除了可以用上聲控/移動感應模式外,還可以自行選擇長開(3小時)或短期開關(3分鐘),當然亦可以選擇自動或手動。如果連繫上家中走廊的燈或床頭燈上,晚上去洗手間時,就不怕發生意外、撞傷自己及家人。
Through PIR senor technology, the sensor contains four modes to adapt to everyone’s needs: long-term lighting mode (up to 3hours), short-term lighting mode (up to 3minutes), appliance mode and manual mode. From now on, no more bumping everything in the dark!

支持 & Backing -> Kickstarter


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