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上班不可以玩手機, 但又怕錯過個訊息? 你需要這個可以連接網絡的時鐘La Metric,它不但可以提示重要約會,亦可以連接不同社交網站、電郵信箱。當你有新訊息時, La Metric會顯示在螢光幕上。
La Metric, the internet connected clock, is not only a clock, but also an intelligent assistant which shows business metrics, social media updates, email notifications and other important information.


可能你會覺得iWatch都做到相同功能,但是La Metric也可以連接不同新聞平台、財經網站,可以無時無刻更新時事快訊、股票情況。你可以堂堂正正放La Metric在你的辦公室桌上。 當收工時亦可以帶回家, 把它當作喇叭連接itune、Spotify,亦可用作智能家居電器的遙控器。
Inspired by enchanted devices concept, La Metric is not an iWatch replacement; more importantly, it can connect and control smart home devices and allow access by different users.

售價USD199 -> Buy now 

featured @ estylerhubs

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