[DesignHubs] 三合一咖啡壺 • Dripo

Dripo is a 3-in-1 coffee mug that works as your iced drip coffee maker, cold-brew coffee maker and as a portable tumbler so you can enjoy your fresh cold brew on the go.

使用Dripo製作冰咖啡也很簡單,只要在濾網層添加約 1.5 盎司的咖啡粉後,當冰水或是冰塊融化往下滴濾的時候,咖啡粉中的香氣跟油脂就會被水分帶走,最後聚集在最下方的杯子空間,等全部收集完成之後就可以喝,比其他冰咖啡,酸度低,咖啡因含量更少,風味更細膩香醇。
3 easy steps to your delicious coffee: first add 1.5oz coffee grounds and filter to coffee; second add cold water to top water section and assemble; finally wait for 2hrs and your iced drip coffee is ready to be serve.

USD34.95 -> Buy now
HKD299 -> 立即購買


featured @ estylerhubs


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