【InteriorHubs】混凝土喇叭 • Concrete-Audio

水泥工業Loft Style不但是室內設計界的常見風格,原來亦深受德國音響製造商Concrete-Audio的愛戴。Concrete Audio品牌的喇叭用上混凝土為材料,有效減低音箱的震動。雖然機身輕巧纖薄,但播放效果可媲比傳統大型振膜,音質出色。當中的F1系列機身僅得32mm薄,為全球首個平面喇叭,可直接安裝於牆身,設計猶如一幅掛畫。
A quota from Nils Landgren, a Swedish musician and producer, will say it all: “Concrete Audio is not only refering to the material the speakers are made of but also to the sound, being just that, concrete. I have never in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good! If you are looking for concrete sound, check out Concrete Audio.”


featured @ estylerhubs

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