【DesignHubs】環狀尺子 • Ring Ruler

用什麼工具可以輕鬆地畫出特定大小的圓型? 徒手、直尺、或圓規? 感覺通通都不是太輕鬆? 有鑑於此,來自美國的Koala Tool設計了The Ring Ruler,一款直徑可調的環狀尺。The Ring Ruler不但柔軟而且有一定的韌性,使用的時候,只要將兩頭扣在一起就能變成一個圓,將搭扣放在特定的刻度,就可以隨心所欲地畫出特定大小的圓。
Design by Koala Tools, the Ring Ruler is designed to make the drawing and measuring of circles and arcs a much simpler and more efficient experience. As it is size adjustable, the Ring Ruler provides useful circular metrics of diameter and circumference. Also, it is a great learning tool for children, especially those who are too young to handle a circle compass.

Available in US Standard and Metric Scales
USD 11.95 -> Buy now

featured @ estylerhubs

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