【DesignHubs】多功能廚房量杯 • Levups

總部位於澳大利亞的Dreamfarm,通過細心觀察和留意生活,設計了多個極富創意又實用的產品,專門解決人們日常生活中遇到的難題。Dreamfarm的設計師們都自豪地製造出世界上最好的廚房小工具。Australia-based, Dreamfarm, is expanding its territories by making sense… making new things that solve a problem and making the world’s best kitchen tools and gadgets. Levups are certainly one of the best problem solvers in the kitchen.

Combinations of 4 different level measuring cups, Levups are incredible levelling cups that are prefect for measuring different ingredients. Each Levup is marked with cup, ounce and milliliter and the handles can squeeze together to make a scraper swipe across and push off any excess.

USD 19.95 -> Buy now
featured @ estylerhubs

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