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由智利工業設計師Pedro Pablo出品的The Chocolate Design系列,聽名字以為是普通的大尺寸朱古力,實際上此系列有三大産品: 燈、咖啡桌及儲物櫃。無錯,設計師的靈感來自於食品和模塊化設計。
The Chocolate Design collection, by Chilean industrial designer Pedro Pablo, is not an ordinary mega size chocolate. Indeed, the collection features a lamp, coffee table and cabinet. That’s right! The Chocolate Design is a collection of furniture that inspired by food and modular design.
外觀美味的Chocolate Lamp採用加熱過的亞加力膠料作為燈的主體,其結構由黑色和白色金屬製成。由於設計旨在為家庭提供溫暖和歡樂,Chocolate Lamp由6個具有RGB LED的燈條模塊組成,可提供超過10種不同色調和強度的燈光。
The delicious-looking lamps are made of thermoformed acrylic as body and the structure is made of black and white metal. As the design aims to provide warmth and joy to home, the Chocolate Lamp is composed of 6 modules with RGB LED ribbon, which provides light in more than 10 different shades and intensities.
另一方面,Chocolate Design系列的咖啡桌和儲物櫃由加工過的木材壓板或塗有靜電的有色金屬製成。
On the other hand, the Chocolate coffee tables and cabinets are made of wood with plastic laminate finish or of metal, painted with electrostatic color.
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