【InteriorHubs】變形地氈 • Reform

高級訂製手工地氈品牌太平將跟以香港為基地的跨領域設計公司Lim + Lu推出Reform系列,以幾何形狀設計的概念,創作出適合不同空間及用途的地氈。
Tai Ping, beloved internationally for its design-driven custom handmade carpets, will be showcasing its first collaboration with Hong Kong-based inter-disciplinary design firm Lim + Lu.

建築師林振華(Vincent Lim) 及盧曼子(Elaine Lu) 的設計靈感源自日常生活的點滴,及突破「地氈必須為矩形及靜態」的局限,創造出能夠靈活改變形狀的地氈。
Architects Vincent Lim and Elaine Lu were inspired by everyday surroundings and questioned why carpets had to be rectangular or static; therefore, they create rugs that can be transformed to fit in different spaces.

Reform 展現出不同物料的組行性。顏色方面,以淺粉紅及粉藍色模仿石頭、以銀和銅等色調模仿金屬及寶石紋理;並使用不同粗幼的紗線及不同高度的羊毛、啞光絲、絹絲和麻質,和有光澤的優質絲麵料等編織而成,採用如切割、重複加入不同高度的絨毛﹑合股紗編織技術、結合簇絨及雕刻技術(結合手工雕刻、斜切和壓花的精工),以達致不同紋理的效果。而Reform II 的特點是在百分百羊毛上以作色彩重組。兩款地氈在太平的廈門工作坊以全人手製作。
Reform illustrates how different materials can be combined, with a colour palette of pastel pinks and blues that mimic stone against metals such as brass and silver. The mixture of materials include different yarn count and pile height wool, dull silk, spun silk, flax and shiny fine lurex. Techniques such as cut and loop in different pile heights, twisted yarn, overtuft loop and sculpting—a combination of hand carving, bevelling and embossing—were used to achieve a medley of textures. Reform II features colour blocking with vivid hues on 100 percent wool. Both rugs were entirely handcrafted in Tai Ping’s Xiamen artisan workshop.
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