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韓國除了家品面膜出名外,原來亦有另一款備受人氣的蝸牛,而它就是Xivestory Design設計的可愛蝸牛造型家品。所有產品均是100%韓國設計製造,抗菌材質非塗層,不易掉色,顏色繽紛多彩方便為家人區分及維護個人衛生!
In Korea, you cannot only find hydro-gel mask with snail ingredient, but thanks to Xivestory Design, you can also find a collection of household products shaped like a snail! All products are 100% design and manufactured in Korea, and with its own antibacterial material, the colourful homeware can be easily differentiated and keep it more hygienically.

蝸牛造型牙刷座: 掀蓋式個人牙刷放置架,背部附有強力吸盤,可吸附於洗手間平滑處
Snail one touch toothbrush holder: one-click to lift the lid and place the toothbrush; and it can strongly attach to any mirror or surfaces of tiles

蝸牛造型芳香劑:  設計創新適合各場所,如私家車、臥室、辦公室、衛浴等。另可再選購芳香補充包更換
Snail air freshener: design for all places, includes car, bedroom, office, bathroom and it is exchangeable membrane type


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