【InteriorHubs】虹橋天地演藝與展覽中心 • Neri&Hu

引用《城市意象》的一番話: “城市中的移動元素,特別是人以及人的活動,和城市中的固定元素一樣重要。除了簡單地觀察之外,我們和其他的元素一樣,也是這城市景觀的一部分”
A quotation from Kevin Lynch, The Image of the City, said “Moving elements in a city, and in particular the people and their activities, are as important as the stationary physical parts. We are not simply observers of this spectacle, but are ourselves a part of it, on the stage with the other participants.”

城市中來來往往的遊客、層出不窮的事件,與空間的設計元素結合在一起,為發展中的街區帶來了變化與活力。隨著上海的不斷擴張,虹橋已經成為了極具活力的地區,而瑞安的The HUB虹橋天地綜合體的亮點項目之一,虹橋天地演藝與展覽中心,更是未來的文藝地標。
The ongoing events and visitors that inhabit this urban oasis, together with the designed spatial elements, bring a transformative and invigorating life to a neighborhood in the making. As Shanghai expands, the Hongqiao District has become its new vibrant neighborhood, and Shui On Land, the mastermind behind the Xintiandi development introduced the HUB mixed-use development in the heart of this new district. The highlight of this complex is the Performance and Exhibition Center that is envisioned as the “hot spot” of culture and arts of the new neighborhood.

The interior concept draws inspiration from the landscape to create a nature-like environment that provides retreat from the heavily built context and visual overload of contemporary culture. The performance center’s interior is conceived as a five-story urban oasis in the form of a solid rock set inside the exterior envelope; spaces are carved out and programmatic elements are inserted.

A floating canopy of wood sticks hovering over the three-story atrium transforms the space into a forest. Gallery openings are wrapped in interlocking solid sandstone and light walnut balustrades. The visitors experience is constantly alternating as one meanders along the cavernous galleries and bridges.

除此之外,人們中心穿行的過程中,還會發現許多其他有趣的空間,它們都如岩洞一般嵌入了內部結構中 – 金色的洗手間盒子,雪茄吧,小展廳,像木盒子一樣鑲嵌在砂岩結構中的酒吧; 綠色的洗手間以及洗手間公共區裡鑲嵌著鏡子的黑色瓷磚走廊,銅板飾面的電梯轎廂,私人貴賓室的牆壁使用手繪的定制瓷磚,上面描繪著虹橋地區曾經的平常故事,還有貴賓室內的金色框架結構,點綴著精工細作的吊燈。
One can discover other delightful spaces carved into the sandstone: golden toilet cubicles; a cigar room; a salon and bars in form of wooden houses that are inserted into the rock; halls of mirrors in black-glazed tiles with green toilet rooms; bronze elevator cabs; private VIP rooms dressed in hand-painted tiles that narrate the story of Hongqiao District’s humble past; and a golden trellis inside the VIP Lounge dotted with intricately crafted pendant lights.

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