【DesignHubs】絕種首飾盒 • The Endangered

新加坡工作室Trigger Design Studio與AllSense氣味實驗室合作,推出了The Endangered系列首飾盒。除了頂部的蓋子打開以後,可以存放一些小首飾以外,設計師還為每個動物增添了獨特的香氛氣味。此外,尾巴亦是音樂盒的發條,不同的動物會發出不同的音樂。Created by Trigger Design Studio and in collaboration with AllSense scent lab, the Endangered is a range of jewellery box collection, which visualizes endangered animals with unique scents. In addition, a wind-up key produces a memorable piece of music for each animal.

這個系列包括大象、犀牛、老虎和鹿4 款不同的瀕臨絕種動物造型,向人們宣傳保護瀕危動物。
The purpose of the collection is to emphasise the importance of cherishing moments and engage users’ personal emotions and memories.


The Endangered collection is a half function and half sculpture functional pieces use abstracted forms and distinctive features of each endangered animals to create a bold and recognisable visual. All materials and textures are carefully paired in order to express each animal’s character.

featured @ estylerhubs

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