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電影飢餓遊戲中出現過的繃帶椅,終於可以在香港購買了! 雖然在電影出現的系列是由一間美國公司引入荷里活,香港公司The Harper聯絡了於泰國生產繃帶椅的製造商。發現原來除了電影的系列之外, 泰國廠商可以訂製獨一無二的繃帶椅, 當然亦可以購買泰國自家牌的産品。
Have you noticed the chairs wrapped in cotton belt that were featured in Hunger Games? It is now available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China! A Hong Kong based trading company, The Harper, has contacted the manufacturer of Seatbelt chair in Thailand. Although the collection from the movie is licensed / owned by an American furniture company, you can now create your own wrapped chair!

繃帶椅是用安全帶物料編織而成的, 除了設計新穎 、極具時代感,椅子出奇地舒適。 除了電影中出現過的綠色、紅色,還有其他選擇,一共7種顏色。全用人手編織,可以製定獨特設計、不同尺寸。
The chair is wrapped in cotton which is used in making seatbelt. The Seatbelt chair is not only stylish and innovative, but the collection is also extremely comfortable. With your own design, the chair can be flexibly handmade in 7 different colours.

The Harper -> website

featured @ estylerhubs

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