【DesignHubs】杯和碟的小確幸 • MARUHI

日本手工陶瓷產品MARUHI Cup & Saucer提供了一種品嚐飲料的新方式。原創的設計簡單而實用,每個杯子和碟子之間都有一個秘密空間,用家可於隱藏位置擺放餅乾、糖果、甚至乎戒指等驚喜小物。 MARUHI Cup&Saucer的最終目的是希望每個人的日常生活裡都有一點點的小確幸。
Hand-crafted in Japan, the MARUHI Cup & Saucer presents a new way to enjoy your drinks. The concept is simple but the design is original. There is a secret space between each cup and saucer and the user can hide a cookie, a candy, a flower, a ring or any surprises inside that spot. The ultimate goal of MARUHI Cup & Saucer is to make everyone’s everyday life a little bit more special.

由擁有百年曆史的陶瓷製造商MARUASA出品,MARUHI Cup & Saucer保證每個產品的質量、耐用性和安全度都是最高水平的。更重要的是,每一隻杯和碟都刻意留下不規則及扭曲的紋理,確保每一件產品也是與眾不同的。
Made by MARUASA Porcelain, a hundred years of history as a pottery maker, the MARUHI Cup & Saucer guarantees the highest levels of quality, durability and safety. More importantly, the cup and saucer is intentionally left with some warping and irregular textures; therefore, each one is different from the next.

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