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生與熟的食物要分開擺放,細細個已經聽過。但又有幾多家庭可以做到?英國廚房品牌Joseph Joesph明白這個道理,所以於2008年推出王牌砧板Index™ 分類砧板,能有助減低生、熟及不同食物交叉感染。砧板外型活象一個檔匣,內裡配備了四面不同顏色的砧板,每面砧板都有標籤顯示其專屬食物,使用家更容易分辨。
Since its launch in 2008, Joseph Joseph’s signature and best-selling Index chopping board set aims to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination of different food using the simple-yet-effective tab system. Each set comes in different colour coded chopping boards.
Index™ 分類砧板採用不同材質,整體看起來非常有質感。每個砧板都有防滑的設計,使用過程中不易移動。收納時亦只需放入其專門的類似文件盒一樣的瀝水收納盒內即可。
The 4 colour coded chopping boards comes in different sizes, colours and materials to suit any kitchen. They are stored in a neat and textured holder, ensuring the boards are easy to select for each food type.

$$$ USD 30-90
Joesph Joseph -> Buy now


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