【DesignHubs】吊床梳化 • Champagne Sofa

Champagne Sofa 是全人工製作的吊床式梳化,外觀奢華大氣,而内裡由泰國工匠一織織完美無瑕地打造, 務求令用家感受梳化帶來的舒適。除了梳化外,客人還可訂制吊床及搖櫈,現在亦可透過香港公司,The Harper,進行預訂同試坐!
Champagne Sofa is a flawless luxury, yet resort-style hammocks handmade by artisans in Thailand. With traditional craftsmanship and unique patterns, Champagne Sofa offers a sensational users’ experience. Hammocks bed, chair and swing chair also available for customisation order and currently available for pre-order at The Harper, a Hong-Kong based company.
Every process the hammock collections is meticulously performed by craftsmen with over a decade of experience. No mistake will be allowed, as the rope must be braided correctly throughout the entire process. Each furniture pieces come with a warranty card and certificates that can use to trace the origin of the product and the name of the craftsman. The hammock weaving technique has been used since 1883 and passed on from generation to generation.

The Harper -> Website

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