【DesignHubs】環保牙刷 • biobrush

人人都講環保,但又有幾多人做到? 許多人致力追求有機、環保的生活模式,尋找能滿足這項需求的產品,尤其是日常用品,盡可能使用壽命較長、可回收、或可再生的材料。來自德國柏林,2017年紅點 (Red Dot Awards)最佳設計獎得主biobrush牙刷就是最好例子。
Nowadays, everyone talks about environmental friendly and green products. How to male packaging more sustainable? How to boost the brands’ eco-friendly image? Creating product which is resource saving and affordable seems to be the buzz in the consumer market, and biobrush is a great example to proof it. Following a holistic and sustainable concept, the award-winning, biobrush’s design focuses on a simple shape but stands out with its monochrome colour.

With an innovative concept, biobrush saves resources, as the material is generated from and made of wood waste from sustainable forestry. While only a fraction of fossil fuel is required for production, the foil of the packaging is even garden-compostable.

featured @ estylerhubs


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