【DesignHubs】雙頭榨汁機 • CITRANGE

由比利時年輕設計師Quentin de Coster設計的CITRANGE是一款簡單而創新的手動、雙向榨汁機。採用漏斗形設計,在榨汁過程中引導果汁順著中間的小孔流入杯中,同時內置的濾網可將種子過濾,設計周到。
CITRANGE is designed by Quentin de Coster, a young Industrial Designer from Belgium. Unlike ordinary juice squeezer, CITRANGE is a double sided juice squeezer which can be placed straight onto the glass.

The build-in funnel allows the juice go straight into your drink and filters out the seeds. One side, the rounded side, is ideal for bigger fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits, while the pointy side is for lemons and limes.
featured @ estylerhubs

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