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很多人都想在冬天舒舒服服歎一杯熱咖啡,但是沒喝幾口溫度就很快變涼。有鑑於此,於2010年在美國成立的ember,推出了全球首款可自動加熱的ember Ceramic Mug溫控咖啡杯。ember Ceramic Mug只要經由藍牙連接手機APP,設定一個心目中理想的飲料溫度,(最高可達攝氏63度),咖啡杯就會一直維持飲品的熱度。
Have you ever wonder if there is a super high technology coffee mug that would keep your winter drink hot for hours? Well, you have the answer now. The ember’s Ceramic Mug is the first coffee mug that can customise your temperature on your own time. With a team of design-led temperature control brand and patented technology, ember has become the leader in temperature control technology and changed the way people drink.estylerhubs.com

除此之外,ember Ceramic Mug還可以透過APP自訂杯上的LED燈顏色及用杯電無線充電。咖啡杯亦設有慳電模式,如將它靜置兩小時後,杯子會自動進入睡眠模式,當再度開始移動杯子,就會重新啟動加熱元件,讓飲品再度溫暖起來。
The ember ceramic mug connects with your phone via Bluetooth and you can keep your coffee or tea at your prefect temperature which enhances the flavor of your drink. There is no on and off switch, instead the Ceramic Mug detects when you pour the liquid inside and keep the temperature at your choice.

Available @ Starbucks USA

featured @ estylerhubs

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