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由韓國創意設計工作室Mark&Draw推出的Aroma Mountain花山薰香爐,煙薰從山頂裊裊升起,別具一格的視覺效果,讓內心重回平靜狀態,大大改變了人們對“冒煙”的感覺。香塊、香燭棒的放置地方隱藏在薰香爐裡,令用家可以真真正正放鬆心情享受”燒香”的時刻。Aroma Mountain, design by a creative studio Mark & Draw in Korea, changes the way of people enjoying incense. The mountain-shape holder makes a strong connection between natural, smoke and volcanoes. It is also safe and de-stress, as the design enclosed the incense sticks in the Aroma Mountain.

Aroma Mountain花山薰香爐共有兩款, 一款是 較為平扁的火山、感覺平和,另一款是相對較突出的山峰、感覺亦較强烈。而設計最特別的是當焚香時,空氣經過底盤的氣孔流入山脈,於山內形成對流作用、均勻散熱,再從山巔的排氣孔緩緩升出。
The Aroma Mountain comes in two styles: the vertical type mountain evokes the dynamic aspect of a volcano, while the horizontal type embodies a peaceful mind of the surrounding. Both designs not only make one’s house pleasant but the designs also allow the smoke and heat guide through the “mountain” and wisps out from the top.

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    1. estylerhubs says:

      多謝你的查詢,不好意思,estylerhubs 暫時是沒有售賣產品的~ 這是一個韓國牌子,產品現在是製作階段(已於Kickstarter籌集資金),詳細情形你可以瀏覽官網: http://www.markndraw.com/product-item/aroma-mountain-vertical-face-type/


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