【DesignHubs】針織梳化 • NEST

冷冷的天氣最適合留在家中蓋上厚厚的針織棉被,懶洋洋地度過一天。Great mind thinks alike,荷蘭針織品牌 Zilalila 推出的針織豆豆梳化NEST 系列,就最適合不過。
We love Zilalila’s NEST knitted beanbag chair, not only because of its high quality handicraft techniques and minimalistic yet sophisticated design, but also because its support to the fair trade practices and women & children in Nepal.

每一張NEST梳化都是由Zilalila 與尼泊爾的婦女合作於當地編工手工編織而成,每一件都標上了個別編號。
Each piece is handmade and filled with recycled EPS materials, which makes the design as sustainable as it’s comfortable.

EURO 649 > Shop now

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