【DesignHubs】瑪麗的花瓶 • Mary’s Vase

如果我是這位Mary,我一定非常受朋友愛載的。所以這位Mary的朋友暨品牌Kokili創辦人So Jung Lee和Gregory Walker設計了這系列的掛牆式花瓶,命名Mary’s Vase。其實Mary很喜歡花,每天都會上載花的照片,並附上簡單的文字進行記錄。此興趣激發了So Jung Lee及Gregory Walke,希望設計一個可以幫Mary拍攝出美侖美奐背景的花瓶。
Inspired by Mary, a common friend of Kokili’s founders – So Jung Lee and Gregory Walker, the Mary’s Vase is a simple yet beautiful wall hung vase. The design evokes the power of functional arts and brings any space to life.


Mary’s Vase設計簡潔而雅致,由一個實木質的圓形外框和一個鑲嵌在外框上的玻璃試管組成。
Thanks to Mary’s interest – picking a flower and photographing it with short note every day, we could enjoy this piece of art.

Buy now -> Kokili’s Shop

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