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Hybrid的車,你可能坐過﹔Hybrid的椅子,你又有没有坐過?Hybrid Chair,顧名思義,一張椅子有兩種功能,可因應不同用途輕鬆調整,亦是工作椅也是沙發椅。同一設計概念的同系列椅凳更可以變成一張茶几,大大減少收納空間及不必要的花費!
Hybrid Chair, just like your Hybrid car, is a two ways functional furniture, which can quickly transform from a desk chair into a lounge chair. With the same concept, the Hybrid foot stool from the same series can easily change it to a side table.

意大利工作室Studio Lorier設計此系列希望為狹小住宅空間打造出空間感而不失實用性。每一件産品都有玄機,只要一拉繩子,就可隨意改變傢俬本身的用途。
Design by an Italian firm, Studio Lorier, the Hybrid series aims to expand the living space, as well as reducing the needs of multiple furniture. At the same time, the designer wishes to provide a relaxing and comforting atmosphere.

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