【DesignHubs】水晶洗碗機 • Tetra

Heatworks has launched its second project with frog design, Tetra Dishwasher, at CES 2018. Tetra is an internet connected countertop dishwasher and it requires no plumbing and can be used anywhere with a standard electrical outlet. With its transparent outer shell, the 10-minute washing process seems like a magic show!

According to Heatworks, if a two-person household were to switch from handwashing to a dishwasher for one meal a day, they could save 1500 gallons of water a year. By using Tetra, they could even save more! Tetra only needs half a gallon per load and it is loaded by hand, so you can track the use of water easily!

Video -> here

featured @ estylerhubs

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