【DesignHubs】智能香薰機 • ScenteeMachina

於15小時內已籌集200萬日元目標金額的智能香薰機,Scentee Machina可以學習並分析用戶喜好,務求調整最適合用戶的個人香氣。用戶可以透過手機App傳送指令到Scentee Machina,挑選自己喜愛的香味及濃度, 從而記錄用戶喜愛的獨一無二氣味。
The Scentee Machina, the proclaimed smartest AI room diffuser yet, has reached the target goal of 2 million Yen in 15 hours. The Scentee Machina can study, then analyse the users’ preference and make the most favorable fragrance for your environment. Everything can now control with your fingers – when the smell goes off or which fragrance you want to be diffused – with a click from your phone.

雖然 Scentee Machina是一部智能香薰機,但外型簡潔、而且美觀,接駁位用磁石原理簡簡單單便可以轉換香水盒,共可放置四種香水盒。現在用戶只要付1981日元月費,就可以每月準時收到你所選擇的香水盒。
Scentee Machina is the diffuser reinvented to a more simpler, sexier and technologically mature design. Changing the fragrance is as simple as unplugging the tube and replace it with a new one, and fragrance subsumption starting only at 1,981 Yen per month.

featured @ estylerhubs

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