【InteriorHubs】牆垣 • The Walled

Situated in close proximity to Yangzhou’s scenic Slender West Lake and surrounded by small lakes and a handful of existing structures, this 20-room boutique hotel, Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat, was a challenging project to Neri & Hu.

設計概念源自中國四合院的建築類型,和傳統的庭院一樣,院落的形式為空間賦予了層次,將天空與地面的景觀框架其中,讓景觀融入建築,創造出內部與外部的重疊。如恩希望通過利用這個項目最有特點的兩個景觀元素 – 牆與院 – 將一個複雜的場地格局統一起來,通過粗獷的材料和層疊的空間營造,用現代的設計語言重新定義傳統的建築形式。
Inspired by the courtyard house typology of vernacular Chinese architecture, the courtyard gives hierarchy to the spaces, frames views of the sky and earth, encapsulates landscape into architecture, and creates an overlap between interior and exterior. With this project, Neri & Hu’s ambition lies in utilizing a strong landscape element — the wall and courtyard — to unify a complex site and program, while the rustic materiality and layered spaces seek to redefine tradition with a modern architectural language.

Photos by Pedro Pegenaute

featured @ estylerhubs

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