【DesignHubs】發光衣架 • Luminous Hanger

設計師除了創作天馬行空的産品之外,很多時他們隨機一觸便將簡簡單單的產品改良變成既實用又美觀的作品。就好像Sam Antiqechian設計的發光衣架,在漆黑的衣櫃裏發出一道光芒,令用家可以簡簡單單地找尋衣服。
As living space is getting smaller and smaller, people demand small yet clever product for everyday uses. Designed by Sam Antiqechian, the Luminous Hanger brightens up the dark closet without installing extra light fixture.

This conceptual hanger provides users illuminations anywhere they want when getting dressed. The Luminous Hanger is consist of LED light and a touch-based toggle that response to users need for light.

featured @ estylerhubs


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