【DesignHubs】紙銀包 • Micro Wallet

雖然紙銀包已經不是新的產品,但PaperWallet出品的Micro Wallet改變了用家對紙銀包及傳統銀包的一般看法。用上Tybek材料,Micro Wallet是一種可回收的材料所製成的,絕對是100%環保錢包!
PaperWallet is not something new anymore but the Micro Wallet will change the way you use this recycle and eco-friendly wallet. Fashioned out of Tybek, the Micro Wallet is smaller,slimmer and stronger than any other paper wallets.
Micro Wallet靈感來自摺紙工藝,使用時可隨意收縮膨脹,不但耐用丶輕薄,亦富有藝術感。另外,Micro Wallet一次可容納8張卡及改良了的鈔票口袋,用家足夠的儲存容量!
Holding 8 credit cards and an upgraded cash compartment, the Micro Wallet is not only functional but it is also fashionable – this collection is designed in collaboration with artists from all around the world!

featured @ estylerhubs


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