【InteriorHubs】Topshop • Splash! VR Campaign

YourStudio替Topshop於倫敦旗艦店打造的櫥窗設計剛獲得2018年度FRAME Window Display of the Year大獎。透過是次活動Topshop及YourStudio希望將VR及設計融為一體,帶給顧客一次好玩又互動的體驗,最重要的是令顧客想起夏天、海灘和比堅尼!
Topshop Splash! Campaign, created by YourStudio, has just recognised by Frame as Window Display of the Year. This engaging and bold campaign aimed to launch the Swimsuit 2017 collection at the global flagship store via design and VR experience.


YourStudio夥拍著名VR達人Ru Barksfield以倫敦作為藍本,推廣Topshop新一系列的泳裝。顧客帶上VR裝置後從游泳池出發,65米滑梯帶著顧客暢遊倫敦Oxford Street直達海灘!當然店內佈置也充滿夏日色彩,令遊客也忍不住來朝聖一下。
The 65m waterslide was the highlight of this Splash! Campaign, which started with a swimming pool and ended with the beach. The VR program, designed by Ru Barksfield, brought customer through Oxford Street and signature buildings in London!
featured @ estylerhubs

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