【DesignHubs】瞬間降溫 • CupCooler|Instant|

四月過後便是夏天,炎炎節日最適合喝一杯冰涼的凍飲,不過擺久了很快變成䁔飲。有見及此,allocacoc的設計師Howar Geng推出了the CupCooler|Instant|,只要將飲料或整個飲品放進外置鋁杯內,約60秒就可以由暖飲變回凍飲。
It’s always nice to have an ice cold drink during summertime but after a few sips, it often becomes lukewarm and tepid drinks. That’s why, designer, Howar Gweng of allocacoc, introduced the CupCooler |Instant|, which is a smart device that cools down and keeps your drink cold till the last sip.

The CupCooler |Instant|安裝亦非常簡單,只要插上電源、一按便立即令裝置表面溫度降低18度,確保飲料的溫度丶味道不變。
The CupCooler |Instant| is easy to use and no complicated preparation is needed. The device is compatible with most cup-sizes, or simply pour the drinks into the aluminum cup.  Around 60 seconds, the surface place can cool down to -18℃ and keep the temperature and the taste from the beginning to the end.

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