【DesignHubs】未來筆 • OMNI

有沒有想過一筆可以走天涯?設計師Dave Kendall的創新計劃OMNI,只要你想得出的顏色它都可以展現出來。 一筆在手,世界通行!雖然OMNI正處於概念階段,如果研發成功它將大大減少顏色筆的存在,方便設計師攜帶出街、隨時隨地創作,亦減少廢物!期待最後產品,預祝研發成功!
OMNI, a conceptual idea by Dave Kendall, creates thousands of different colour tones with one pen. The idea is to transfer any colour you can think of at the tip of your finger. Anywhere, any colours – without the hassle of having all the colour markers.

featured @ estylerhubs

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