【DesignHubs】毛孩安樂蝸 • PAWD

喜歡毛孩的奴才對主人如珠如寶,但是生活迫人,奴才住200呎蝸居,毛孩住六個階磚位的鐵籠。幸運地,產品設計師及愛狗人仕Amy Kim不斷研究,希望給全世界的毛孩一個舒適的地方居住,最後製造了PAWD,一個從內到外都美觀丶舒適及相對安全的毛孩安樂蝸!
As a pet parent and a product designer, Amy Kim from Chasing Monkey New York, mixes her passion with expertise and create this crate, PAWD for all the pet lovers in the world! Designed to train and provide a personal space, PAWD is a safe, lightweight and easy to clean foldable living area for the dogs.

With the design, PAWD allows just enough lights in for the dogs to rest. More importantly, PAWD is made in polypropylene, which is 100% non-toxic and durable!
featured @ estylerhubs


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