【DesignHubs】對調時鐘 • The Reverse Clock

過往介紹了很多不同的設計時鐘,今次推介的The Reverse Clock就特別與眾不同。The Reverse Clock顧名思義將人們對時針和分針的理解對調,外圍顯示的時針猶如一條斷了的長針、當與平常的分針放在一起,另人產生錯覺。設計簡約,適合任何室內風格,將實用的細節變做設計的一部份,凸顯設計師的心思!
The Reverse Clock, designed by Mattice Boets, changes the traditional way of reading time. The hand located in the outer ring and rotated inward indicates the hour, while the standalone little hand rotated outward indicates the minute. This minimalistic and innovative Clock will fit for any interior design styles!

featured @ estylerhubs

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