【DesignHubs】城市模型 • Microscape

喜歡一個城市,除了可以移民丶旅遊丶拍照記錄外,現在還可以擁有整個城市…的縮小模型Microscape!用上3D打印及空中掃描,Microscape是由建築師William Ngo與Alan Silverman發起的嶄新技術,希望透過不斷更新的掃描數據,將千變萬化的城市建築透過打印保存下來。
Microscape began as a collaboration between two architects, William Ngo and Alan Silverman, in Manhattan New York, where they combined two decades of experience in digital modeling, photogrammetry, product design and 3D printing into these 1:5000 scale Manhattan Collection city model and the newly launched Chicago Collection!

With the huge success of Manhattan Collection, William and Alan soon realised that not only people related in the property and design industries are interested in this collection, but also people outsides of the fields wanted to explore the cities in their “hands”. They promised that more cities will be scanned and printed soon!

featured @ estylerhubs

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