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有報告指出每日做簡單的瑜伽動作及配合冥想,有助減低腦部衰退和記憶力下降。不過對一般人來說在同一個位置上維持同樣的姿勢盤坐著冥想並不是一件容易的事﹗有見及此,喜愛冥想的Leadoff Studio設計總監Jordan Diatlo設計出UNDO一款專門用於冥想的坐墊,UNDO坐墊符合人體工學設計,適合不同體型,讓人能夠長時間保持舒適地冥想靜坐。
Meditation is great for your mind and soul. But the wrong meditation posture could harm your body. Therefore, Jordan Diatlo, design director of Leadoff Studio, has created the UNDO meditation cushion which is designed to put the body into an ergonomic position, so you can relax and stay comfortable for a prolonged period of time!

UNDO 的內部是由多層的海綿橡膠構成,既柔軟亦堅挺丶可承托大部分的重力。同時,UNDO外型呈現圓弧的曲線,將用家的臀部和背部對齊,務求讓身體調整到最舒適的位置,讓人好好冥想。
UNDO is made of cushion that consists multiple layers of foam and compresses when you sit, then gently rock forward to adjust your hips position with your back. Therefore, one can sit naturally and comfortably during meditation.

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    1. estylerhubs says:

      Hello Kristen,
      多謝你的查詢,不好意思,estylerhubs 暫時是沒有售賣產品的~ 不過,我們透過設計師聯絡了生產商,他們暫時沒有存貨,不過現計劃再推出此產品。當我們收到詳細資料,會再度告知!


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