【DesignHubs】智能工作枱 • EGET

之前介紹了智能廚房,今次當然要介紹返智能工作室!然而,智能辦公室不可缺少的一定是這張名為EGET的智能辦公枱。來自西班牙的Köllen Design設計出EGET,一張集合了一天所需功能的辦公枱,完美的解決了忙碌打工仔一天的需要。EGET多功能辦公枱包括︰內置電源插座和USB端口、無線充電器、活動桌面、磁力白板、感應護眼燈、及活動隔音板。
EGET is created by Köllen, a design studio which is formed by four young entrepreneurs in industrial product design and graphic design. By combining functionality and aesthetics, EGET is an innovative workspace adapted to new habits and the use of new technology. In other words, EGET is a piece of furniture which can be adapted to the demands of users through light, storage, sound and the presence of different mobile elements.

EGET comes with various storage spaces, not only for objects and book but also for cables and USB port. It also has a built in magnetic board, motion sensor lighting, as well as a sound and environment separator.


featured @ estylerhubs


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