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KOSMOS可不是普通的圓珠筆。這款筆除了獲得紅點大獎 (Red Dot Award)之外,整個筆身還符合完美的黃金比例,質量與顏色絕對可與蘋果的產品媲美。KOSMOS不但採用六級航空鋁打造,而且還用上磁石控制筆帽的開合狀態,完全顛覆了傳統圓珠筆的使用方式和結構設計。
The award-wining design with a minimalist touch, KOSMOS is not your ordinary pen but with the intention to be your everyday pen. Indeed, KOSMOS was voted the best pen of the year and received the Red Dot Award.

沒有筆帽、沒有彈簧、只有簡易的裝置,KOSMOS手感光滑如綢緞,防刮傷,更具有耐用、輕便的特點。功能上亦是神級設計,一支KOSMOS可書寫長達4000米,書寫流暢。不過全國(香港、中國、台灣) 限購100支。
When stilform, a small design studio based in Munich, Germany, creates KOSMOS, the team combined a revolutionary new mechanism with an intuitive design. The result shows a unique mechanism based on magnets, which allows the pen to have different appearances in the writing and idle position.

featured @ estylerhubs

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