【DesignHubs】電線復修筆 • BLUFIXX

有沒有覺得電話叉電線非常容易斷,尤其是貴貴的iPhone lighting-C連接線!? 雖然之前也介紹過一種萬能膠可以快速修好電線,不過價錢也不便宜,比較適合用於其他家品上。當你覺得買一條新的線係最好的解決方案,你可能要認識BLUFIXX! 它是一支可填充丶重塑和保護低壓線纜的復修筆,只要將膠水塗抹在數據線的磨損處,然後使用內置的 LED 等照射該位置 3 – 5 秒,等待膠水硬化就大功告成了。
Are you sick of broken cable? Or are you tired of throwing away your expensive iPhone lighting-C headphone? BLUFIXX is your solution! The repair gel cures rock solid instantly through the LED, which allows you to easily repair, fill, reconstruct and mold!

With one tube of BLUFIXX, you can fix up to 100 cables, headphones and even game controller wire!

featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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