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位於美國洛杉磯的MASHstudio是一間著名的辦公室傢具定製公司,專門為沒有生命力的辦公室變得生動、有意思。MASHstudios的設計以人為本,打破隔膜,令冰冷的辦公環境充滿人情味。MASHstudios最近推出了一系列新的現成辦公室家具COCO desk及KINNEY wall,於開放式空間設計型的辦公室裡加添私隱度。
The COCO desk and KINNEY Wall are the new expansion to LA-based MASHstudios ready-made office furniture line. This new concept offer an alternative to traditional cubicle – while the open-office style increase collaboration and interaction between staff, it provides enough privacy for those trying to get work done or working on confidential business.

COCO desk內置的電子系統可任意調節桌子高度,適合久站族和久坐族兩類人。而KINNEY wall採用不同形狀創造出動態空間,同時用上羊毛氈材料吸收聲音,保持隱私。
The COCO desk contains a series of electrical functionalities built in, which can adjust in sitting or standing position. Along with COCO, the KINNEY wall acts as a series of shifting dividers, which are covered in wool and felt materials to inhibit sound pollution.

featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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