【DesignHubs】街頭藝人茶几 • Seron

於意大利米蘭修讀建築系的坦桑尼亞設計師 Pasquè D. Mawalla 創作了一款名為 Seron 的茶几,外型獨特,只用了一條曲折的支架連接桌面及桌底。靈感來自於街頭藝人的表演,只用支架撐起身體,做出凌空的效果。除了美觀,茶几的底面也成為了放置、收納書籍和雜誌的好地方。
Studied in Milan Italy, Tanzanian designer Pasquè D. Mawalla creates this one of a kind Seron side table. Inspired by levitating street performers, Seron connects the top and bottom of the table with a metal frame. Interestingly, the legless base allows room for book and magazine storage. It is truly a functional art piece at your living room!

featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group


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