【DesignHubs】船錨書籤 • Page Anchor

Page Anchor 是一款設計非常別致的船錨書籤,有別於傳統的薄片式書籤,這種立體書籤還可以固定頁面便於閱讀。Page Anchor由316L不鏽鋼精製而成,加入鏡面電鍍飾面技術,使表面光滑,可以輕鬆的劃入書籍中,而不傷頁面。顏色共有4色選擇,包括:銀色、金色、玫瑰金和黑曜石黑色。
With the purpose of incentivize the world to take a break through elegant and useful design; Page Anchor is a premium-grade, anchor bookmark that prevents your book from closing. This 3D bookmark features a seamless body crafted in the finest 316L stainless steel, which works with any book size, without damaging your book’s spine. Four elegant models are available, include winter platinum, signature gold, rose gold and obsidian black.
featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group


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