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對於喜歡用MEMO手寫記錄的朋友來說,WEMO真的是生活中的必需品。由 Kenma 株式会社所設計的WEMO,是wearable與memo兩個單字所組合而成的字,也就是指可將備忘錄穿戴在身上。WEMO 是以矽膠為材質的手寫帶,可用馬克筆無限次塗寫,如需要修改,只要用手指頭或是橡皮擦擦掉就可。
Do you ever write on your hand to remind you to do something later? WEMO is the first on-the-go wearable memo which is a silicon hand band that intended to be composed on with any marker. Designed by Japanese studio Kenma, WEMO allows you to write on it anywhere and deletes it with an eraser or simply your fingers.

WEMO使用的是耐磨的矽膠材質,即使腕帶被弄濕,記錄內容也不會受到影響,有便於用戶洗手或是在水下工作。值得一提的是,WEMO 的靈感來自於時常將繁雜的事務抄在手上的護士,到後來Kenma設計團隊意識到WEMO還可讓其他產業達到真正的隨時、隨地,都可書寫及記憶。
This award-wining WEMO is waterproof and you can even wash your hands with writing on it and yet the contents will not vanish. Initially, the idea is inspired by nurses and how they jot down notes on their hands while working. After doing much research, the Kenma design team realized that WEMO can also benefit other professions who might need a place to write short info anytime, anywhere!

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