【DesignHubs】鎖匙扣充電器 • Chargerito

當出外旅遊時,很多人為了貪方便,會用電腦或內置USB埠的萬能插蘇充電,不過由 0% 充電至全滿需時較耐。這款號稱「全球最迷你的手機充電器」Chargerito 或許能幫到你!有別於其他充電器,Chargerito亦是一個鎖匙扣,可以讓你扣在鑰匙圈每天攜帶,當看到插座時就能隨時隨地充電了。
Chargerito is the “world’s smallest mobile device charger” and the prongs can fold flush for travel. More importantly, it takes about one hour to charge an iPhone 7 from 0 to 100% which is about twice as fast as an external battery or USB cable connected to another device like a laptop or travel plug.
設計師Craig Dalton和Peter Dering相信細小「身驅」都可以帶來無限「力量」,Chargerito只有5×1.5×4.6公分、重27公克,無需USB線,內置micro-USB 或 Lightning 兩款接口,展開充電口就能讓手機擱在上頭充電,非常慳位!
Designers Craig Dalton and Peter Dering believe in big power in a little package. Chargerito is not a battery you have to charge separately or a cord that has to plug into a USB outlet to charge. It’s a truly innovative new kind of wall charger.

featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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