【DesignHubs】72變書架 • Köllen Bookshelf

Köllen Bookshelf是由四位學生操刀設計,是一款可以因不同型狀的收納物而改變外形的牆壁書架。Köllen Bookshelf由一組有兩種狀態的木板排列而成,需要放置物品時,將其狀態由垂直旋轉至水平的位置即可。亦可對應自己的喜好任意變化外型,盡情發揮自己的想像力,一邊增添壁面的色彩一邊滿足功能性。
Created by four design students, Köllen Bookshelf is a modular and interactive bookshelf formed by pieces which can be placed differently depending on the objects put on it. Its autonomous structure allows an independent working in matter of different position; therefore offering a multifunctional and decorative bookshelf which will change the shape depending on the objects placed.

Köllen Bookshelf使用芬蘭產的天然木材,而耐重量是30kg,所以擺設或吊掛都可以對應使用,功能性十足。
Köllen Bookshelf can be customized and coloured in different shades. The main material of the bookshelf structure is natural birch plywood originating from Finland, and the connection is accomplished by stainless steel. Together, the maximum load of the bookshelf is 30kg.

featured @ estylerhubs
the Harper HK Group

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