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Pentagon Design工作室為Kekkilä園藝公司設計的多功能“Green”家具系列,展示最喜愛的植物和花盆,讓空間顯得格外有生氣。該系列包括:有蓋的植物收納箱The Green Box、可拆卸的擱架The Green Shelf、一個三層的梯子The Green Ladder 、以及可連接The Green Box和The Green Ladder並提供照明和氛圍的The Green Light。
Created by Pentagon Design, Kekkilä‘s multi-functional Green furniture collection showcases your favorite plants and pots in style. The collection consists of: the Green Box which is a light structured growing box with a lid; the Green Shelf which is a small footprint stand with detachable shelves; the Green Ladder which is a three-tiered pot stand; and finally the Green Light which works as an ambiance light and connected to the Green Box and Green Ladder.

當然仲有The Green Box的附加品The Green Trellis Line及The Green Trellis Wave,可幫助植物在室內生長,也可以作獨立使用。所有產品都適合室內或室外使用,用戶可以自行搭配植物適合與什麼物品擺在一起。
In addition, the Green Trellis Line is an add-on to the Green Box which could also use as a stand-alone with the Green Trellis Wave for supporting climbing clematis. All products are great for both indoor and outdoor use and could be used as storage elements during off growing season.
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