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Origamei dress系列是一款可摺成小手袋的連衣裙,非常方便無時無刻on-the-go的女孩keep住儀容。採用專利了的“摺衣”技術,Origamei dress的尺寸僅為7” x 5” x 2.75”, 摺後可以完美地放在任何尺寸的手袋中、隨身攜帶。最重要的是Origamei dress的質地是不需要熨斗或蒸汽的抗皺物料,而且不到1磅重。
The Origamei is a patented foldable dress for any on the go women. The compact dress is not only wrinkle resistant which means no iron or steam is needed, but it is also lightweight (under 1lb) yet. The size of the compact is only 7” x 5” x 2.75” and it can fit perfectly in any purses and carry anywhere.

雖然Origamei dress系列暫時只有3款,不過共有5種顏色可供選擇。而每件Origamei dress都採用特別接縫技術製成,有便於摺成手拿包,尺寸亦可容納日常的必需品,如手提電話、信用卡及鑰匙。
The Origamei dress collection is available in 3 styles and 5 colour options. Each dress is made with seams that make it easy to fold into a clutch, which can hold your everyday essentials, such as phone, credits card and keys.
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