【DesignHubs】不規則座椅 • Les Angles

法國女設計師 Smarin設計的Les Angles座椅系列,由不同的元素組成,將兩個鑽石形互相對齊放置,讓座椅發揮不同的功能。此外,Les Angles座椅系列可根據個人喜好決定用途,如靠背、靠墊等,亦可用在地板上甚至牆壁上,佈置不同的角度,讓房間看起來充滿活力。
Created by smarin, a French design studio, the Les Angles collection is a set of geometric cushions which can easily fit together to transform in art-form or seating-space for groups or individuals. Interestingly, the collection is also a flexible pavement which can cover the floor, the ceiling and even the wall.
由於具有良好的隔音效果和絕緣特性,這些作品也可以用作天花板裝飾。Les Angles座椅系列共有 8種形狀。
In addition, the Les Angles collection is sound-proof and a remarkable insulating due to wool properties. Eight different elements are available to arrange at your desire.
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